When and where to buy leather garments in Turkey



Leather reflects prestige, they say.. Who could argue against it?

Having said it, we should also mention that Turkey is accepted to be among best places to buy high quality leather products at reasonably competitive prices a s compared to many other countries.

And the good thing is you can buy leather garments – jackets, coats, bags, shoes, gloves, wallets – in almost all parts of the country. However once again Istanbul, the mega town is the center for leather product like with anything else.

Our recommendation would be “Make sure you avoid touristic places as you might come across fairly higher prices and have to do a good bargaining job – if you want to go back home happy with your new leather jacket in your suitcase. Otherwise you may end up paying 50 to 80 percent more than what you could have paid for your new jacket.

Another thing is it is best to keep away from shops in touristic summeer resorts if you hate to regret later for having paid too much.

The best area in Istanbul for buying leather goods is known to be Zeytinburnu as you would have the opportunity of choosing from among many alternative factories in this area to buy your jacket.

For an indicative idea an average price for a normal-sized handbag should be 250 Turkish liras whereas you could pay USD 250-500 for a leather jacket.

On the other hand March – October would be a good time to go for a leather jacket as due to sales in this period.


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